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      • Why Do You Need an Interior Designer?

        If you invested a lot of money in your new home and you want the best out of it in terms of aesthetics and functionality, then hiring an interior designer to help you decorate it might be the right choice. There are people that are very good at visualising things...

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      • Organising Your Autumn Outdoor Space

        Autumn is upon us and the days are shorter and mornings are cooler. But autumn is also a spectacular season when the decaying leaves turn in beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, brown and purple. There are still flowers in bloom and the weather, if sunny, is still pleasant enough...

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      • Five Don’ts of Interior Design

        There are lots of dos and don’ts in interior design that if implemented and respected, will enable us to have a dream home without too much effort. Here are five common mistakes that if you stay away from, you can make your home beautiful without hiring a professional.  1. Be...

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      • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

        No, we are not talking about weddings, but you can apply the same principle in designing your interior. If you want to create a pleasant ambiance that is unique to you, take the above saying, mix it with a bit of imagination and your personal taste and you will have...

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