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      • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

        No, we are not talking about weddings, but you can apply the same principle in designing your interior. If you want to create a pleasant ambiance that is unique to you, take the above saying, mix it with a bit of imagination and your personal taste and you will have...

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      • Five Reasons to Love Luxury

        No matter what stage we are at in our lives or what sort of house we live in, we all deserve some luxury to indulge in and feel spoiled. Whether we design our house to replicate sumptuous chateaus and/or the Downton Abbey décor or perhaps we limit the luxurious touch...

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      • Luxurious Balcony in Three Easy Steps

        If you live in a flat and you are the lucky owner of a balcony, think about it as an extra room perfect to relax in every season. Don’t use it as a storage space, but as an oasis of relaxation where you can spend quality time with family and...

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      • Where to Look for Inspiration

        When we want to decorate our homes, be that renewing the furniture, updating the style and refreshing the wall colour, we don’t always know what we want or what goes with what. Following a blog for ideas and inspiration is a great start but there are other useful sources worth...

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