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      • Decorating for Easter

        Spring holidays are fast approaching and we have been waiting for a few days off for a while now as Christmas and New Years Eve are a distant memory of feast and celebration. Spring holidays and Easter mark the beginning of the warm season and the resurrection of nature with...

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      • Scale and Proportion

        When we want to invest in new furniture for our homes, be that for a complete makeover or just the replacement of some old pieces, along with style and materials, we should also consider scale and proportion. How big or small should the new pieces be? Does the size of...

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      • Buying Home Accessories Online

        Online shopping is no longer an unknown territory. We shop online for its convenience and time saving and we’ve started to include more and more areas from everyday life, from food shopping and clothing to gadgets and furniture. But when it comes to decorating your home, even though you may...

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      • Return to Traditional? No Worries

        One of the 2014’s trends in interior design predicted by top interior designers is the return of the traditional style. After a few years of the modern style with simplified shapes, neat appearance and a focus on space, it seems that traditional starts to be the nation’s favourite when it...

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